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Wednesday, January 2

Dealing With Baby Acne

Acne is a skin condition that is mostly affecting teenagers and several adults. But did you know that there have also been reported cases of acne occurrence in babies? Even newly born infants are not spared from the skin condition. In fact, there are cases when some babies are born with skin acne. So as responsible and caring parents, what should you do if your baby is suffering from acne?

Before looking at effective ways on how such a problem could be remedied, it would be better to first understand how and why acne occurs in babies. Skin acne on babies could show up when the infant reaches the age if about three to four weeks. As mentioned, in some cases, acne can already be affecting baby skin upon birth.

Acne on babies usually develops in their chin, forehead or cheeks. If you make a closer observation, you would readily notice that the acne is looking worse especially when the newborn baby is fussy or crying. Any other reactions and movements of the baby that facilitate an increase of blood flow in the skin would make the acne look more evident and noticeable.

A number of studies have found that acne in babies is produced when there are hormonal changes within the baby's fragile body. As you know, the baby has been protected and suited inside the expecting mom's womb for about nine months. Because of that, the baby basically has been nourished by nutrients in the mom's womb through the placenta. Thus, the hormones dominating the mom's body is usually also present in the unborn child. After birth, the baby would be deprived from such hormone, resulting to skin reaction, which is the onset of acne.

Another proven cause of baby acne is the stimulation of the oil glands beneath the baby's very fragile skin. Usually, acne in babies appear on the nasal bridge, forehead and cheeks because it is on those areas where the human body's oil glands are located and are functioning actively.

The third cause of baby acne is the use and contact with untidy and dirty clothes and clothing material. As such, the acne in the baby serves as an apparent and visible reaction of the skin to dirt in the surface, which is part of the body's defense mechanism.

Now that you have an idea of the main causes of the appearance of acne in baby skin, you can now easily adopt strategies and remedies on how you could get rid of the problem. First of all, experts advise parents whose babies have acne at a very young age to just let the skin condition disappear by itself. There is no need to worry as usually, such skin problem when appearing in infants naturally wears off and disappear a few days or weeks after appearance. That is because the baby's system within the body is starting to adopt to natural and outside conditions by that time.

Washing the affected part with water only or with water and a very mild soap would also help a lot. When doing so, remember not to scrub or rub baby's skin too harshly as doing so would definitely harm the fragile skin of the baby.


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