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Monday, July 16

Is Baby Acne Common Among Newborns?

Author: Charley Hwang

In our life, reproduction is one of the essential needs of human besides food, shelter and protection from harm. Most of parents are thrilled to see their newborn come into the world but how many people now about baby acne? If you do come across babies with little red spot on their cheeks, that will be baby acne. Some elderly might calm parents down by knowing that it will go away after some time. It is best to consult doctor or other parents that have tackled the problem before and solve it.

Baby acne is not uncommon among newborns and same like adult acne, it has a special name ‘infantile acne’. Cheek is one of the favorite spot for infantile acne to grow but it may also strike chins and foreheads of newborns. When a baby is born with infantile acne, the period of which it will hang on is from 2 weeks to 2 months. Worst case scenario makes it possibly till 6 months on the infant.

At this moment, some parents might be worried but only time can heal this problem. It can be said to be related to hormone in the baby which is passed down by the mother. However, there are good and bad hormones that are passed down. Not to worry as these hormones will eventually fade away and the only results are clean, rosy cheek of your baby.

The first of the tips to come are not doing anything that worsens the situation. As we some adults do, we like to prick the acne on our face. This is a practice that should not be done to baby. Their skin is delicate and might hurt the baby.

Secondly, do not put any oil or lotion on the infantile acne on the baby. Some parents might be too worried until making the wrong choice. It is understandable but the only thing that parents can do is wash the baby with gentle or mild soap and treat the baby’s clothes with good quality detergent. If infantile acne does not reside after 6 months, do seek doctor’s advice as this is not a common among infantile acne.

Mother’s skin care and diet programs, before or after pregnancy can affect the baby in many ways. It is best to care for your diet, do not eat things that can affect your skin. Baby feeds on mother’s milk to grow and build immunity systems thus your lifestyle inter-relates to your baby. During the first few weeks, baby’s skin is very delicate thus it’s best not to put any baby products that are available in the market. Just let the skin breath naturally to meet with the acne condition.

In conclusion, baby acne is quite rarely heard but it is not something and should be deal with care. Baby’s skin is very delicate thus we can relate it to us like caring for our own skin.

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