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Tuesday, May 22

What Type Of Acne Product Works For What Type Of Skin

There are countless numbers of people that are suffering from some type of blemish problem and are searching for the right acne product for their skin. Many people just suffer from mild breakouts while others suffer from incredibly severe acne issues. Read on for some tips on which types of products for acne will help with what types of skin problems.

Oily skin is generally shiny and is quite likely to attract dirt and other irritants. When developing a skin care routine for oily skin you should leave out moisturizers all together. You should definitely find a good acne fighting face wash and cleanser and you’ll want to make sure to also use alcohol based products like astringents to aide in drying out your skin.

Dry skin appears dry and often flaky. Generally, dry skin isn’t as prone to acne breakouts as other skin types however to treat blemishes with an acne product that also includes a good moisturizer. You should stay away from products containing alcohol when looking for acne treatment products for dry skin.

Combination skin can be one of two things, either normal to oily where your forehead, nose and chin would be prone to breakouts while your cheeks would not and dry to oily which is basically the same except that your cheeks would be dry. Acne fighting products for this type of skin should be specifically tailored to the type of combination skin that you have.

Finding out more information about the type of skin that you have can really assist you in learning what types of acne products will work on your skin and which ones will just irritate it. As soon as you figure out the type of skin you will have a much better chance you will have of finding an acne product that will help clear up your skin.

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