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Friday, April 20

7 tips for acne treatment in winter

By: Winter can be especially difficult for those who

Winter can be especially difficult for those who suffer from

Here are 7 tips that can helpful to your acne-prone skin, or
your acne treatment medications.

1. In winter, Bcoz of cold air the acne medications can be dry your
skin. And your skin can become flaky and you can suffer a
painful sensation. To avoid this protect your skin from cold
air, and biting winds.

2. Use oil-free moisturizer. Moistening your skin is
necessary.. Bath with lukewarm water. Tone your face skin.
take 1 spoon honey and 2 spoon orange juice. Add 1 apple
puree. Apply for 20 minutes.

3. Add vitamin C to your diet. Add citric fruits like orange
or lemon in your intake. Zink is also essential for acne.

4. Keep hair away from the face. Be careful about not to let
hair gel or oil spread on your skin. Treat your dandruff

5. Drink more water. It is major part of our blood. And
require to maintain our body moisture. Add fruits and salad
to your meal.

6. If you use razors. Instead of using non-electric razors,
use electric razor.

7. Stay away from depression, stress, spicy foods ( if u
can). Do exercise daily.


Thank you.
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