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Tuesday, April 10

Stop Acne Tips

Author: Guy Ray

Teenagers have to deal with acne on a daily basis. Appearance is so very important to young adults and having bad skin can really affect their psyche. Clear skin with no acne not only makes a person feel better looking, it makes a person confident. Teenagers sometimes get so depressed over acne, they refuse to go out anywhere except for places that they are obligated to go to such as school or church. Some lose friends and some do not bother to make friends or join a social circle. Acne becomes a huge damper on their social life which also leads into depression. The extent of acne ranges from mild, moderate to severe. Teens with mild skin disorders such as a few pimples or blackheads do not go through the same amount of trauma as those with moderate acne, meaning a significant number of whiteheads and pimples. Obviously, any teens suffering from severe acne disorders are the main ones targeted for severe depression and anxiety. It is important for parents to think about their children’s situation and decide whether or not their child’s skin is becoming a problem. If so, the parents need to take the child to see a dermatologist and sometimes even a therapist or psychologist. A therapist or psychologist can help with your child’s depression or anxiety and make sure that they are on a healthy mental path. For clear skin, one should wash their face twice a day and additionally if they are exercising or sweating. Be sure to use a clean cloth when drying the face and use a benzoyl peroxide-based face wash. Spot treatments are helpful but remember to use them as what they are and not as overall acne reducers for the entire face. This could lead to face peeling. Instead of using spot treatments, there are masks and all over the face creams medicated lightly for acne on the entire face or elsewhere on the body. These tips are not only for teens. Skin disorders affect adults as well; however, since teens are so sensitive to life matters, they are affected the most. If your teenager needs some home remedies, try over the counter meds, spices and organic diet foods such as produce mainly. These few things added in with a good skin care regimen should prove to be successful. If the acne is severe, then these are still helpful tips but a doctor is still absolutely necessary.


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