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Tuesday, March 20

Facing Up To Acne Scars And Laser Treatment

Author: Wycliffe Williams

Acne scars can be so damaging psychologically, that acne sufferers feel compelled to seek laser treatment. Laser treatment may not be their first option, but the unrelenting disease of acne doesn’t let up. The movement away from customary topical treatments for acne should not be taken lightly. Serious consideration and consultation must be sought. A laser treatment for acne puts you at the doorway of surgery. This must not be taken lightly.

Today the human face is operated on so much more than any other body part. The vast majority of the work done on the face is elective work. Which means, in almost all cases, you have to pay, there is no insurance coverage.

If you’re contemplating seeking this form of treatment, ask your insurance company whether they pay for this type of work. You need to be financially fortified when you wade into these waters.

Botox injections, laser hair removal, chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, eyelid surgery, and acne laser treatment represent only a few of the elective areas. When you hear the word elective from you insurance representative, you need to reach into your own pocket.

To the women who suffer with acne and acne scars, I feel your pain. 90% of all cosmetic procedures performed in 2004 were performed on women. The most startling aspect comes when we hear that compared with 2003, that figure represents a 50% increase!

Mind you, medical science has made fantastic strides via new technology, but someone has to make the choice to lie on the table. Medical research is driven to were the niche markets are. (Hey! That’s internet talk!).

The year over year increase for nonsurgical procedures rose by approximately 60%! That is surprising but understandable. The mind boggling technological breakthroughs in medicine are surely undergirding that figure. But again I say, people are making the decision to climb up on these tables.

Americans spent over $13 billion last year on face work. Guess what? A whopping 30% of the pie came from the doctor’s office. They’re smiling all the way to the bank with those types of figures. Almost makes you feel like they’re not going to try and stamp out the acne goose. It lays the golden egg!

The final decision to seek laser procedure for your acne scars is totally yours. But it should be taken in consultation with family and appropriate medical professionals.

Consider the following possible complications which may arise using a laser procedure.

• Milia, they’re small white bumps. It’s possible they may appear in the lasered area.

• Hyperpigmentation, lighter skin discoloration, and sometimes hypopigmentation, darker skin discoloration. May arise in the laser-treated areas.

• Return of the dreaded cold sore. Again around the laser-treated area.

• You may need to take an antibiotic for seven to 10 days afterwards, to cover the risk of infection.

• Swelling is common after the procedure.

• Scarring may occur, although this is rare.

• Smokers will have to drop their habit during this procedure. This is probably far and away the best ‘complication’ of all.

There is so much more to consider when contemplating using laser-treatment on acne scars. Always seek consultation before you make any final decisions.


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