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Wednesday, January 24

Foods That Cause Acne

We have all heard the stories or old wife’s tales that you if you eat chocolate, fries or pizza that this can all cause bouts of acne, well I have to say for your information that this is all wrong! Things that have been said like that are just myths. Do not get me wrong there are some foods that can and will make acne worse for some people but in part researchers have found that there are no connections to foods “causing” acne.

The latest research that is in from Australia has seen suggestion that eating a lot of foods that are high in carbohydrate can cause acne to get worse or flair. This is based on the theory of where heavy and constant consumption of high carbohydrate foods in effect stimulates lots of production of insulin. What this does is build up a resistance towards insulin causing more and more to be produced. High insulin can make the ovaries produce more of a hormone called testosterone which can encourage acne, this maybe what is the cause of flaring.

As we should be aware, there is a lot of research going on around acne treatments and how to prevent is, in medical institutions there have been huge clinical studies that have not so far made any association between the foods we eat and acne, but as we have discussed before, there are some foods that can make your acne worse. You can determine what sorts of foods are affecting you by avoiding it for a term of around 2 to 4 weeks. Keep a look at yourself and notice if there are any changes in the severity of your acne. If your acne improves over that period of time then it’s quite possible that you assumed correctly. After you have taken your break you can try eating the food again to test whether your acne gets a boost in severity. As it has been said by many people before me eating a healthy well balanced diet is the best road to take for any health issue, eating foods that are high in fat and generally now so great for you should be eaten in moderation.

So it appears in conclusion that there are no foods that cause acne, only those that make it worse. Of course this will vary from person to person it’s down to you to test your diet to find out. Chocolate lovers you are safe for the moment…you can still enjoy in moderation without worrying about acne breaking out.

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