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Monday, July 16

Adult Acne and Colloidal Silver Natural Treatment

Author: Peter Salazar

Generally, acne affects people in their adolescence. However, some people may develop of carry the acne during their adulthood. Though acne is considered as a disorder of teenagers, it can affect at any age. Acne is not a harmful condition in itself, but surely leads to insightful appearance which could lead to depression and social anxiety.

Though numbers of factors are considered for occurrence acne, exact causes have not been established as yet. Many researchers attribute occurrence of adult acne to hormonal imbalances.

If you are suffering from adult acne you should consult a dermatologist for ascertaining the exact cause. If hormonal imbalance is the root cause your physician will prescribe you medications for repairing/regulating the hormonal balances.

Like other types of acne, adult acne can be treated with home remedies and over-the-counter medications. Certain alternative medicine therapies like homeopathy may also prove helpful in treating adult acne. Colloidal silver is one of the natural remedies, with proven results, used for treatment of adult acne.

Silver is considered as non-toxic, but toxic for micro-organisms like viruses, fungi and bacteria and has been in use for treatment of infectious diseases since ancient times. With the advanced technology, researchers have obtained success in achieving fine silver particles for medicinal use. Colloidal silver products are manufactured through non-chemical electro-charging process. No additives, chemicals or stabilizers are used in the colloidal silver products. This makes the product safe for use without incurring adverse side effects. Silver is known for its characteristic of killing micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses and fungi by blocking the enzymes essential for development of these organisms. Most importantly, the silver particles in the colloidal silver supplement affect only harmful tissues without causing any harm to beneficial tissues or system.

Like other acne forms, hormonal imbalances and bacterial infections are considered as the main caused behind development of adult acne. Though colloidal silver does not have properties that are known for curing acne (in fact there is no cure for acne), it can surely help in maintaining hormonal balances and reducing risk of acne condition. With its proprietary of ‘bacteria killing’, colloidal silver can eliminate the bacteria from acne affected area and help in faster recovery.

Use of colloidal silver products for treating adult acne is safe and maybe an effective method.

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