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Monday, November 6

Acne: True Causes--True Solutions

Although calling it a disease would be a stretch, acne is one of the most expensive afflictions affecting mankind today. Estimated to torment more than 80% of teenagers and young adults, the US market for anti-acne prescription medicine is over (US)$1.6 billion dollars annually.

Acne frequently causes hurt, embarrassment and emotional pain for millions worldwide. People who suffer from acne often experience low self-esteem that can effect performance in school and earnings on a job.

Acne is a very misunderstood condition often treated topically and superficially with creams, lotions and pills that attempt to suppress the effect, which is acne, of the root cause, toxicity.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and as such is the leading barometer for its level of toxicity. Acne is an extreme toxic condition, nothing more--nothing less.

When a toxic substance enters the body and is too damaging to be processed through the liver, the body excretes it through this organ called the skin, preventing it from traveling through the rest of the body potentially causing damage to other organs.

The human body is an organism whose cells have great intelligence. In addition to controlling all of its bodily functions, it is also conditioned to protect itself.

I’m sure you’ve noticed a lot of pregnant women with pimples. During pregnancy this protection mechanism goes into high gear and in addition to morning sickness many women get acne. Have you ever wondered why babies and young children don’t have acne?

Acne-causing toxins get into the body through the food and beverages we consume on a daily basis. Although many governments have food safety laws and mechanisms in place to protect the public, the majority of these laws concern themselves with bacterial contamination.

The preponderance of acne conditions are caused by two organisms Leishmaina and Ascaris. Most people are infected with these parasites by eating food contaminated with them, their eggs and/or parasite stages.

The few regulations regarding parasite infestation are restricted to the processing and preparation of meat, dairy products and municipal water. No testing, cautions or education exist for the public benefit, with regard to the existence of parasite organisms in any other food or beverage group.

The majority of health professionals are under the mistaken impression that parasite infestation is a phenomenon that only occurs in undeveloped and third world countries. Without making informed and conscious choices about the food you buy or how you store and prepare it, you are eating your way to massive toxicity.

This problem is further magnified by our modern diet that consists of very little dietary roughage. This lack of bulk slows down the transition of food through the body, allowing much that is consumed to decay before it can be completely digested, creating a condition that allows parasites to thrive.

Like humans, all living organisms eat and excrete wastes. Parasites are no exception and the boils and pimples that we call acne, are a result of the body trying to rid itself of the parasite wastes that build-up in the body. It’s a gross and vicious cycle.

The skin is one of the safest and fastest self-repairing organs that the body can use to rid itself of potentially harmful toxins. Suppressing this protective function, forces these toxins into other parts of the body where they may cause damage or not be as easily removed.

Fortunately, all is not lost. With the right information you can kill a present parasite infestation, remove the toxic wastes and prevent future infestation by eating clean food. A four-step process for combating parasites and controlling acne is outlined at our website. Follow the link below to learn more.

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